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The celeb’s were challenging in the roads at LFW this week to watch the latest gatherings from any similarity of Mulberry, Julien McDonald and Vivienne Westwood, yet the bona fide style wars were to be found for the runways!! The VIP hair styles and their choice of pieces of clothing chose their fate on the best or most exceedingly terrible dressed records. We researched APOHAIR HQ at our top decisions from the weeks shows and social events!

Cheryl Cole swung up to just a single event in the shoe dispatch party! She was wearing a wonderful dull red hung dress, yet it was her choice of hair style virgin hair expansions that got everyone talking. Cheryl Cole’s hair was styled into an extensive honey bee asylum and her style was finished with a stripped hair band. This is such a change for Cheryl Cole’s hair as we are acclimated to seeing her hair lace closure depleted … in any case, we think she shook her honey bee asylum and it was a change from the straggling leftovers of the celebs with their downdo’s!!

Another of our fave’s from this social occasion was related Girls Aloud part, Nicola Roberts. She wore a superbly girly sage green dress improved with pink and lilac blossoms. Her strawberry blonde ombre turns were quite recently stunning!! Her turns had heaps of root lift for extra advancement and were amazingly described, immense and bouncy … she looked wonderful!

At the Nicole Fahri show we revered Marina Diamandis (Marina and the Diamonds) particular style. Looking as though she had as of late wandered of the Grease set, her lovable 50’s pink gathering looked amazing! We venerated her new silver hair also!

Marina Diamandis’ hair bind conclusion was bent using medium tongs and was then moved into a side ponytail surrendering her shorter layers free, simply adding to the appeal of her look!!

Cher Lloyd appeared at the Rimmel party wearing a superb consolidate of heels and an organizing magnificently toned frill. Her tore thin jeans and calfskin coat gave her a honest to goodness harsh edge!! Cher Lloyd’s hair has been brunette for quite a while yet hunt super reflexive down LFW! Cher Lloyd’s hair was styled into tight portrayed contorts all pulled to the opposite side, parading her shaved head. This look is transforming into a trademark for Cher, however when it looks as awesome on her as it does we don’t revile her for reusing the style!

Whitney Port was a surprising guest at Fearne Cotton’s runway show up for her social affair for Very. It’s been represented that Whitney Port will have her own particular range in the rundown soon which would clear up the arrival for Fearne Cotton’s show. Whitney set forth a gigantic expression wearing 70’s style extra wide leg white jeans, a multi-tinted jumper and monstrous wedges. Whitney Port’s hair looked stunning in boho style waves with a pummel into example center isolating. We revered the warm shade of Whitney Port’s hair, it’s a marvelous change from the super blonde we are usual to seeing her with! Fearne Cotton also looked amazing in a long lilac chiffon dress with jaguar print shoes watching out from underneath. Her short weave was waved making a 30’s flapper feel which suited the style of her dress flawlessly.

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