Berry yogurt smoothie fulfilled

On the off chance that you read our post a week ago on our Super Berry Fruit Salad then you will know exactly the amount of a fan we are of berries. So it wasn’t a shock to find that this berry yogurt smoothie fulfilled our taste buds flawlessly.

Not exclusively are berries super succulent, they’re full to the overflow with all the integrity we have to remain looking youthful and invigorated, making it an incredible breakfast elective. Here’s the manner by which to make your berry yogurt smoothie…

All you need is :

– A modest bunch of strawberries

– A modest bunch of blackberries

– A modest bunch of blueberries

– A modest bunch of raspberries (Yes, we’ve utilized similar berries from our last post!)

– A bit of greek yogurt

– A sustenance blender

Step One

Cleave your strawberries into equal parts and purge into a sustenance blender Lace closure, alongside whatever is left of the delectable berries.

Step Two

Scoop a spoonful of greek yogurt into the blender and place the top back on. Give the fixings a mix until the berries and yogurt join into a pale pink blend.

Step Three

Once the berries and yogurt have been combined, present yourself with a glass of the berry yogurt smoothie and prepare to appreciate the day :) Trust us, you’ll never skip breakfast again!

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