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We’re generally immersed with messages from you beautiful parcel getting some information about our blonde hair extensions. It appears you’re excessively spoilt for decision and have a little trouble picking a shade to coordinate your hair, so we thought we’d do a brisk blog on our blonde hair extensions and connection them up with a celeb trying to make it somewhat simpler for you folks to pick!

Up next, we have LA Blonde. This is a shade down from Bunny Blonde and our second lightest square shade in our blonde hair extensions extend. This is an exemplary Hollywood Blonde with extravagant sandy tones. LA Blonde is another of our piece shades that is ideal for light blondes. Carey Mulligan is a decent case of LA Blonde.

Proceeding onward to Malibu Blonde, which is one shade down from LA Blonde; This is a dazzling light sandy blonde which is exceptionally intelligent and consummately conditioned. We can see a full head of Malibu Blonde looking impeccable on Amanda Seyfried so if your hair resembles Amanda’s, then this is the shade for you. 

St.Tropez is next on our rundown. This lovely medium blonde is winding up plainly prominent in our scope of blonde human hair extensions and looks ah-mazing with a tan. Beyonce’s hair dependably plunges between a couple shades however it for the most part seems to imitate St.Tropez, require we say more?!

Tanned blonde is the darkest shade of our square blonde hair extensions. It’s such a marginal shade it could be called light darker or dim blonde, some outstanding portrayals of this shade are ‘brownish’, ‘unassuming darker’ and ‘drab blonde’ which some of you may perceive. Our young lady Lauren Conrad would most certainly be coordinated up to Tanned Blonde. So in case you’re in two personalities with reference to whether to go blonde or dark colored, then this could be the ideal adjust for you. :)

Proceeding onward to our highlighted shades from our scope of blonde hair extensions. The lightest highlighted shade we have on offer would be Paparazzi Highlights! This is such a prevalent shade and it’s super blendable with most light highlighted blondes. Paparazzi Highlights is a blend of smooth and wheat blonde tones which attempts to make this wonderful shade! Mollie King from The Saturdays would be an ideal mascot for Paparazzi Highlights, we think. :)

Our next lightest shade of highlighted blonde hair extensions is California Highlights. This shade is staggeringly blendable as well and is normally made with dye or a hello there lift tint! It’s an impeccable summery shade and Kate Hudson would be a decent match to California Highlights, so on the off chance that you need hair like Kate’s, look no further…

Next up we have Parisian Highlights which is a beautiful delicate blonde with copper highlights and has a warm tone which is ideal for those with comparative tones to their hair. Parisian Highlights would look flawless on Heather Graham to give you a greater amount of a thought of this shade. 

At that point we have the beautiful Manhattan Highlights, which is our second darkest highlighted shade out of our scope of blonde hair extensions. This super prevalent shade has delicate multi tone highlights on a sandy base shade. The flawless Holly Willoughby would coordinate well to Manhattan Highlights so if your hair is like Holly’s then this shade is for you as well!

Also, last, however in no way, shape or form slightest, we have Butterscotch Highlights which is the darkest highlighted blonde in our range. This is a blonde hair shade as it’s not exactly blonde and not exactly dark colored. It has nutmeg and walnut tones, yet at the same time contains stunning blonde highlights. This is an awesome alternative in the event that you are going for the Jennifer Aniston look.

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